Battery Cable Connectors Repair

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Make a date with the canon powershot 330 hs. Assault and battery is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail, unless the crime is characterized as domestic. The quick function toggles also give you speedy access to some other ios 8 and iphone features that drain the battery. Or you can turn off all notifications, alarms included. Perhaps to obtain heating, such as with heated grips. Illness or injury among the workforce is inevitable, and is always a problem. Open a browser window on your computer and enter the address. On an iphone x, iphone 8, or iphone 8 plus: press and quickly release the. Intel skylake core m3 (4m cache, 2. Patrick is a high-speed kit guy who not only repacks and repairs batteries, but also tries to upgrade them to offer more capacity.

battery cable connectors repair
battery cable connectors repair

My iphone lost only 1% over the night. If the defendant was acting in self-defense. If you are unable to correct the problem in these steps, there may be other problems in your hvac unit or appliance, so it’s best to call a professional. [edit] the alternator is next to new. Diagnostic run, indicates it is short in side curtain airbag. The money you saved can then be used for other purposes or you can save it for later use. Only perform after every three months. If the watch has stopped working because it has been in the dark too long, put the watch under a lamp for 12 hours. On my way home the voltmeter dropped to zero, the discharge, srs and abs warning lights came on, the led clock and touchscreen display went off (although the touchscreen was flickering on breifly), and eventually the gearbox mode light went off.

battery cable connectors repair
battery cable connectors repair

Carefully inspect it, you'll never know what the quality of the rebuild. Just want to hug you for the *#*#526#*#* it fixed my problem. Old batteries or mixed usage of an old battery with a new one may cause your remote control to function only intermittently or not at all. Usage is certainly one of them. Another question, if the guy tried to hook up the jumper cables incorrectly to my car reversing the negative and positive cables, what damage could it have done and does this sound like that could have been the problem. When you park your car make sure the clutch is disangage. The sound is amazing for such a small unit and it gets compliments everywhere it goes. Joint could give way at some point.

battery cable connectors repair
battery cable connectors repair

There is no guaranteed fix for iphone 5 wi-fi issues but there are a few things that users can try before performing a factory reset, replacing a router, or taking the iphone down to an apple store. Indeed, a couple of hours later, testing all 68 modules four times, he was no closer to a solution, and then he stumbled on his “eureka. Plates from the post in one short operation. This will erase all content and settings. You can figure out how to test out your battery using a multimeter or maybe a battery tester. With heater on medium setting (~ 1 kw). The dirt comes of course from me opening the case in a rather unusual way.

battery cable connectors repair
battery cable connectors repair

The big purple box down the bottom – that’s just a warning. Due to sulphation, and never reach their rated lifespan. I am now thinking i have blown one or more fuses in my door lock system. You can safely recharge your astro in 4-5 hours using a 1 amp or higher output charger. Flooded cell, since the liquid covers all internal parts, or. On a hard to start engine which has been known to melt the cable. The larger individual friction element will be the dry piston rings on the cylinder wall, not the crank bearings, but being as they are connected to the crankshaft, it's impossible to blame one major problem. Here's how to display battery percentage on apple iphone 6s and 6s plus (ios 9 tutorial).

Batterymon will do exactly this in the easiest way possible by monitoring your laptop’s battery capacity and its discharge rate and by presenting the results in a graph in real-time. Here is an excellent guide from imore on how to change your iphone 5s screen . You cant find the wires mentioned get a qualified technician to help you. Finally reassemble your laptop but don't put the battery pack back in just yet. Ndid you check operation of stop lights. Or an electronic component may malfunction and cause a parasitic drain that is larger than normal specification. The ez battery reconditioning pdf course contains everything. You can use hibernate mode to save exactly what you were doing while still shutting down the laptop completely.

Even my old halogen lamp was. An executive at icare, however, said that the shipments were not likely to be fulfilled until the middle of april. - do everything with email on the iphone or on the desktop. However, check whether any pieces of paper, metal, your favorite pringles chips or some other debris is blocking the charging port. If convicted of a misdemeanor offense, an individual could face:. Open safari – your links should work again. Just paid $579 to have it repaired again. A lower battery wear level percentage value highlights a replacement is needed. They will just throw out the whole bike and by a new one, what a waste.

 note: it is tethered by a piece of plastic. Of the more useful tests you can do is to measure the resistance between. , the entire structure is or can be part of a circuit. Ok, so which really costs less. Battery overnight the fix was a replacement computer. Once installed, the ios 5 battery fix applies a number of hacks and tweaks, all in the aim of extending iphone battery life as long as possible. If there was a charging limitation our little batteries would give up the ghost in a matter of months. Remember, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas. How often should you replace the battery.

2-) from the electrodes back into the solution, resulting in a higher concentration of sulfuric acid to water. Playing moderately demanding titles such as deathwatch and divinity, the pro discharged between 18-25% of its battery. For gas cars with banjo-style lead battery terminals clean each battery post and the inside each terminal with a sharp edge. Once they have been reconditioned properly they go through a multitude of tests to ensure the battery scrap may be reused. I'm also glad they made the phone easier to open and repair. Put it in vacation mode. #nissandidthat they got me approved.

When plugged it, it showed a 100% battery charge. Dry them in the air, dipping them in water whenever they begin to. Booster cables can be intimidating, but using them is actually quite simple. In some rare cases, the pregnant female is charged with battery when the evidence is overwhelming that she initiated the violence and was not acting in self-defense or defense of her unborn children. He found that running youtube, games and windows update with wim & wimw active causes overheating, but if those tasks are turned off, the system, fan, and temperature normalize.

The inspection and maintenance requirements are broken down into scheduled inspections, nonscheduled inspections, troubleshooting, servicing discharged batteries, repair/replacement, storage limitations and disposal. You can reset the word dictionary, network settings, home screen layout, and location warnings. Repair or replace all worn or damaged hardware. Your hybrid battery boosting is not the same as your regular. Duracell 9 v battery had exploded. The one i use is called the battery minder. You'll see that it isn't steady dc voltage.   below are answers to the most commonly reported issues with quartz movements that include:. I just bought a pro model with the extended warranty, but would really like to know. I have a 2009 ford fusion sel.

I have an hp envy, windows 8. Suggestions for cleaning corroded battery connection in toy. As a red ribbon distributor, we have the experience and expertise to keep your garage or commercial door running smoothly, safely and efficiently. Funds are used for pediatric cancer research grants and to raise public awareness. It's no wonder that my battery was draining so quickly. For most uses, copper is alloyed with other metals, though copper usually predominates. 1 volts at the battery and 40amps at the battery (as long as there is no insulated circuit voltage drop). Green is for charged so you don’t need to charge it any more. What’s more, bump starting might not work if your battery is too flat.

For more information about the windows 7 "consider replacing your battery" warning:. Whether you use it to kill the engine or not, it is being cycled. Table of contents [click to browse]. After the elapsed time, press the power button again until you see the apple logo. In another example, two individuals get into a heated argument over their desire to date the same girl. 98% of repairs sent out within 2 business days of receiving. Could it have gone bad from sitting for so long as described. ("the apple online store is really just a different company.

This is the ignition relay, suppose to have contacts rated at 45 amperes, what a joke, for the nec have contactors with this rating that i practically need a wheel barrel to carry. Upon turning key it fired right up and did so another few times. Repair battery life is a practical application with which you can give your device some extra minutes of life, repairing some of the problems that might come up. Make sure the battery terminals are clean and free from corrosion. This way, you’ll be able to save more and make the most of your car’s battery life.

Battery Cable Connectors Repair

So perform this test after the car has been parked for as long as it would be normally parked to see how the battery holds up under the drain from the security system, clock, memory chips etc. You said the screen doesn’t look right. The old one and now it is working like new again. You can also contact us for a lower price if you want a quantity purchase of makita pa14 replacement batteries.  it relies on profiles to configure these details:. Even the smallest bug with the phone will irritate you, but let’s face it – the worst problem is when the device won’t turn on.

My macbook pro retina was not able to detect its sd card reader. Well, there's no reason to throw out good batteries, period. Don't buy another steering wheel. How can you repair corroded battery connectors on a hyundai elantra 2000 without replacing the entire cable. And check out with just a glance. It has a mechanical lock too. The model penal code (mpc) § 211. The + end of the versapak battery is inside a hole on one end of the battery and the outside of the battery is negative. Automotive batteries have been 12 volts dc since the late 50s.

So disappointed with this and customer service team were no help. [1] the needle is stuffed and reacts to any temperature. Get it out of the water as soon as possible. The company i used repaired my laptop, but the repair only lasted for 7 days. It will power on if you followed the above guidelines carefully. "found this info very usful as i am doing aauto electrical college course i hope to find more info to help with my exams thanks". Tap it and you’ll temporarily lock your phone’s orientation in landscape mode. Oil infiltrates through gasket and soaks coils thus compromising them. Take the watt-hours you've estimated and divide it by the voltage, and you now have an estimate on the minimum amp-hours you'll need from the pack.

3 battery settings can automatically turn on cpu throttling. The battery won't hold as deep of a charge, and if the sulfate builds up closer to the surface then then the battery won't even hold a charge on the surface of the plates any more either. The leakage may, as well, be caused by the incorrect density of electrolyte and the circuit fault of a battery’s cells. Even though there's nothing any non-it employee at this company could have done to prevent this, this can happen just as easily to every old computer, hard drive, or phone that you throw away, recycle, sell or give away. While the compound is cooling, get the cell connectors and. This will be about 3/8 or 1/2 inch from the end of the cable. The wired controllers may be connected to any of the usb ports on the console, or to an attached usb hub. Similar to the psp yes, but the psp didn't exactly invent all it's traits. Whine can be caused by a large spike in the ac component as shown in the oscillograph at left; a very rare occurrence nowadays, and one which typically turns on the mil (maintenance indicator light).

The official fire report obtained by kctv5 confirmed the blaze was caused by "loose 9 volt batteries stored in a paper bag shorting together. Open the back door and take out the passengers back seat. Not worth getting with an apple phone due to apps are mainly compatible with andriod app store. Before a long distance trip. Uk – save 10% with code ecig10. Note, though, that the display on these two models is the same size, so you won't have to squint to enjoy the. Project: pergamino cafe's under counter bar lighting.   look for a triangular rubber piece roughly the size of a half-dollar coin. It’s not stock android. Each window remained confined to one screen, and only a few apps knew how to open windows on more than one screen from the same app instance.

The irobot brand can help with more than vacuuming, too. To prevent failure, never store the battery fully discharged. This booster pack comes fitted with 2 usb charging ports (5v/2. It seems that apple has done this intentionally, although no one knows why as of right now. If the aggravated assault is the matter for which you are being violated, chances are you are heading back to prison as a pv new bit (parole violation with a new criminal charge/conviction). You should spend a moment reading the article i've written about the battery used in all ipods, cell phones, laptops and cameras and how it needs to be charged. Reckless intent does not require you to actually intend to hurt the person, only that you disregard the risks associated with your actions. A common problem with batteries going dead when a car sits is a glove box light, or trunk light that fails to go out when they are closed. If your car smells are unpleasant but aren’t a sign of mechanical malfunction, there are ways you can make your car smell better. I paid 320 for the repair work and on the repair sheet it says "graphics processor issue on mlb".

It is not the battery. My personal experience with lawn mowers. To it's like new state, it would serve you well for many years, just at. It’s worth making the call. If you're using your laptop on the plane, train, or somewhere without a wireless hotspot, use the hardware button to disable the wi-fi adapter if you have one, or just disable it manually in control panel.

The chemistry changes inside the battery and therefore it is impossible. It's maintenance free, had no physical damage, and is about 4 years old. Taking its cues from the bmw coupe concept that debuted in 2012, the battery-powered car looks like it’s driven straight off a designer’s computer screen. Replacement batteries can be considerably more expensive once the tool systems are no longer made. Ford radio code using guide step by step. The car has a receiverconnected to the car locks.   it`s a whole new system with slide type batteries similar in style to makita and milwaukee`s batteries. Also, make sure the battery is secured in it's mounts, if it is loose it bumps around as you drive and it will lead to premature failure. I think i'm also pretty set on rx200, but i have no clue about external batteries.

Here are some of the primary reasons why you might want to buy a new garage door opener. The charger would only flash telling me that it was no good. After rinsing i patted it dry with paper towel and placed it in a zip lock bag filled with rice. Silicone cat sand will also work. First, connect the battery wires to the circuit board of the remote. I am a 56 yr old not very mechanical woman and i managed with your directions. It could just need a good cleaning, which would run $59.

I had to do this the other week because my battery was dead flat and couldn't get in the car. I'm lucking because i thought to look at it, yep the cover is chard white. I tested the battery with a multitester, seems thats not the problem, read above 13. But inspect your battery mounting hardware, too. You can sync your controller into your xbox 360. Who to write email requesting car battery.

Is there anything or anybody could tell me whats goin on is it my u2 ic or something else i have a new chargin port again scared to install it cause it may stop workin again for the 3rd time. Where can one buy a reconditioned laptop. Pactel battery fix pactel battery fixer pactel battery pack repair. You can use lg env touch phone software update tool to update your lg phone firmware if supported. It’s since been replaced on the door and we’ll see how long it functions before having to be removed, repaired, and replaced.   they help protect the fragile lead plates that allow the liquid electrolyte to freely course through the sponge-like pores that allows the battery to convert chemicals into electricity. And you may also found out that the can bus box is also gain power from the yellow wire. Still in warrenty nokia offered to replace it. The important thing is that you can analyze if there is an app that is monopolizing the battery of the iphone and modify the settings of the app. Your old starter is usually exchanged for a new one, which may look different; manufacturers sometimes modify the designs.

Contact our local tow truck service now. Shouldn’t run it past 80% of its charge, leaving 20% left in the battery. This guarantee is not transferable and terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer your vehicle. I'm trying to find some friends who are willing to jump start or if it doesn't work out, i need to rent a car fast. I got my money fast (3 days after shipped).

Descending door encounters a solid object such as the hood of a car and light. Is the repair shop unprofessional or messy. It is now feb 5, and it ran great until last night when i had to reset it. Note: you only have to program new remotes. There is a white wire and a brown wire going to the insides of the motor. If that does not work, your only option will probably be to buy an external charger off of amazon. Construction accidents increase the costs to a great extent, therefore if you are willing to control those costs, then adopting safety strategies will be the best option.

The screen did function properly (my knowledge of unix is limited – i did not attempt a fix from this prompt). It is the "about" in the previous two sentences that leads to trouble when a charging system is not matched to the type of battery installed. Avoid downloading programs that offer to speed up your pc or clean up your registry. We have an extensive line of yamaha golf cart parts that help keep your cart in tip-top shape. This caused me considerable frustration. The voltage regulator regulates volt/amps at its rating.

It will also provide you interval updates on how long your phone is expected to last once the battery reaches 25 percent. There should be a humming sound. By the way i will be following up with the toyota corporate office, newspapers, tv stations, etc. Then checked the voltage across the battery terminals and it was about 13. A conventional combustion engine uses less than 20 percent of the chemical energy in gasoline, which means more than 80 percent of the fuel is “wasted.

Step 2: check that your dongle is properly connected. Does the phenomenon always happen just with the one battery, or with others also. Other popular uses are emergency lights, like exit signs, wheelchairs, security and alarm systems. But i see your point. I would love an explanation. You can make your own "factory cable" that will power almost all motorola phones. With no load for extended periods of time, especially an old and tired one. To the battery terminals must of course be observed also.

Battery Cable Terminal Repair

Summarily, reconditioning/restoring batteries is pretty fantastic option when compared with purchasing brand-new batteries. The new kindle paperwhite is being advertised with an eight-week battery life on standby. One thing that hasn’t been overtly mentioned is that the alternator must also supply the demands of the rest of the vehicle in addition to charging the battery. Run a soft flame over the surfaces which are to be sealed , so as. Note: battery replacement standard rate $12. Disconnect the motor cable from the solenoid. We included the tape measure in this photo, to show. If you do the direct connect often, be sure to use an ac charger at the proper rate to truly get a full-charge into it once in awhile. 4 bulk/float numbers, and was a bit quizzed when i saw that once the batteries was charged, the mn classic would let the float voltage fall to 13.

Mandatory annoying disclaimer: this guide is only relevant to our usa readers, law will change country to country. I've it dies while sitting still, then you have a drain or short in the electrics. It fits nicely in holiday stockings. Have you been to a sprint store to have your device checked out. It never recovered to run really well for tv. The price is firm and a very good one i add. It even comes with free batteries and needs little to no effort setting up at all. I waited 48 hours, but unfortunately, the ipod nano showed no signs of life. This way you can preserve the so called re-injestion of the blow-by.

Kudzai is very personable and knowledgeable and accommodating. If your android won't turn respond, your phone may simply not have a charge. So simple if you are on efi. It seemed the issue is due to shoddy hp assembly job during production. A few of the old macbooks had the problem where if they were left running, the cpu would move out of the socket due to heat, so when it shut off, you had to wait for it to cool down before the machine would start working again. If the vehicle runs well, take it out for a short drive to thoroughly charge the battery before turning it off again. I found wires that had broken off and only needed to be soldered back.   here you will find some answers to your questions and concerns like:. Here, autozone will do a code check and if you have o'reilly's auto parts near you, i think they do that, too.

In normal operation, the red light may be on dimly. The suspension wears firmer dampers along with revised sway bars—smaller diameter up front and larger at the rear—in order to help reduce understeer and provide more neutral handling. In general, they push function over form, and tend to cram a ton of information into their displays compared to most traditional watches. A tech goes through how to use the device before you leave hospital. Take the battery and submerge it into rice separately, so that the rice can soak up the liquid from the battery. This allows for the charged ions to continue to work and protect the life of your battery,” says shane.

It is a crossbreed meaning that its meant application is something between that of a starting and heavy cycle electric battery. It's simply unfortunate that people aren't getting an essentially free macbook pro anymore, but that was merely a bonus, and apple will still be helping customers that truly need their battery replaced for the exact same cost. Ensuring an adequate cooling system for the batteries. I was not trying to put him on the spot, but i didn't want him. Car batteries do their work by pumping out several hundred amps to turn the car over. However, when the temperature drops, the battery cranking power decreases while the engine starting system requires an increased energy to crank the engine. When the conduct of a defendant is particularly egregious, he or she may be charged with the elevated crime of aggravated assault or battery. The gear iconx have a sophisticated design that's immediately arresting. If a normal driver will lose the alternatorbelt and this belt also drives other accesories like the waterpump ( or the fan blade ).

Last month i talked about what to do if your battery is not staying charged. The engine “cranks”, you will briefly see the main battery. Charging ports on battery packs, like charging ports on wall-warts and computers, can provide electricity at two amperage rates: 1a and 2. Below the mode dial four buttons surround the rear mounted control dial; above it is the playback button and a new button introduced on recent wifi equipped powershot compacts which initiates a wifi connection with your smartphone. (g) if the battery is committed by a probationer, a prisoner who is in lawful custody or confinement or a parolee, with the use of a deadly weapon, and:.   this is because while on the arm it will produce sporadic results. I've seen a lot of people post about what happens if/when their alternator goes out.

If cleaning and repairing the battery cable connections and battery terminals doesn't fix the problem, and the mower doesn't sit with the ignition key on, then it's time to do a battery load test and meter check of the charging system. As a further publicity stunt, the youtube user has put the destroyed device on ebay. Try to connect your device to your computer using the supplied usb cable and then see if it will charge. Because batteries are always been developed and will keep changing, the author promises updates on all new batteries and how to restore them. Both doors has this lock issue for about 3-4 months and then one of the locks started working again from the inside. Peter demarco can be reached at peter. Whereas, a battery allegedly committed upon a person whom you presently or have previously dated, or your spouse or ex-spouse would result in a charge of domestic battery under pc 243(e)1. They basically just gave us a heads up on twitter that they’re going to be releasing this and then they released it.

This includes investigation of material properties and battery design, including the use of hybrid electrolytes and separators to restrict li ion transport. You simply have to take the battery up to a higher voltage through something that has limited current to get it "started" so to speak. Here are a few workarounds to fix the problem:. If you want your iphone to charge faster, anecdotal evidence suggests turning it off — so it's not using any power while it's juicing up — will cut down charge times. You can recharge your battery whether the battery is fully drained or not. The app helps you identify which apps are resulting in battery drain and put those apps into hibernation when you aren’t making use of them. The date changes gradually between 10.

After your car is repaired, the technician will erase the trouble codes from the computer. After updating to ios 10, some users have been facing issues with the stock mail app, whereby it stops fetching new emails or says that your mailbox password is incorrect, even though you have entered the correct password. Apple offers a battery replacement service for most recent models of macbook, and prices are reasonable, but replacement batteries are available from a number of third-parties if you fancy saving money by doing it yourself. 5 x 8 tire mounted on it. I mean with my iphone i can select a section& cut/paste/speak, i cant seem to find it on s4. Importance of recycling car batteries. The biggest limitation is that the battery only lasts about 12 months, then it dies again.

In fact the 5gt really has no direct competition, there really isn’t anything like it. My question=if i use the house batteries to run the rv and then want to start the generator i won't have the power to start the unit. For about $2500, the dealer will sell you and all new battery. Insert a small screwdriver into the hole and press up with your screwdriver to disengage the clip. Audible alarm will sound for 10 seconds. Just needed extra drying time i suppose. Use of the idle switch information instead. Vehicle electrical system grounding for most automotive electrical systems, no, the positive battery terminal is not the ground. You should not attempt to repair a broken or corroded battery cable, although you can repair the terminal end of the cable. Still don't think it's backing up correctly.

Our goal is to offer quality service by bosch certified technicians at a fair and competitive price. When you choose to use new york ipad repair, we promise you that we will provide you the best customer care. Here you have a 200 pounds muscled flannel-bimbo with no backbone giving the love-speech to our tough cookie the Über-mother that came from the same gene pool as conan the barbarian. I will probably update my review on amazon to 3 stars. Some are very sophisticated and will replace the rearview mirror; others have a portable display similar to a navigation unit. That's one of the ac inputs from the alternator.

Annoyingly, you can't power either earbud up or shut them off without carrying an accessory: the included clamshell charging case. From the charger, but the other two seem ok, as do the two large li-ion. Samsung is an old hand at phablets, so it’s no surprise that the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ presents the nexus 6p with some stiff competition. When setting up your arrangement, be sure to point the systems facing the same direction – pointing the systems directly at one another may cause distortion. The grid size can be reduced and made thicker to access the active materials toward the bottom of the plate. When you are charged with armed battery, you are facing an offense that also involves a serious weapon-related offense. You can also probably pick up a decent battery replacement for less than $30 at amazon. Be aware that some cars have batteries locate elsewhere, like in the trunk, so you may not need to pop the hood at all. Since practically all crts automatically degauss when they're powered.

Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at the upcoming redmi note 5. However when charging an automotive battery, 10-amps or less is considered a slow charge while 20-amps or above is generally considered a fast charge. You will be immediately taken to phone details page, tap on “battery information” here. We repair, recondition, and test your battery. So the options below are a little more drastic and irreversible so make sure you read all of the instructions below before you have a go. Check with a voltmeter a fully charged battery should read approx. Almost every watch produced today by citizen is water resistant to at least. How does electricity get from the power station to charge your cell phone. This means you can return your phones to us, if necessary, and we will fix it again free of charge.

Whether your battery is new or reconditioned, every 5 charges you should check 2 or 3 pilot cells, seeing if the water level is above the red perforated plastic element protector after it’s been charged. Today, we’re going to show you some of the best ways to preserve your battery life and make your laptop last twice as long – no matter what you’re doing. The battery terminals to connect the meter. There is no way for me to get the prius out of the garage to the truck because it won't start to get in to neutral. If you are experiencing difficulty with your ipod, you should check the battery and determine if it needs to be replaced. Use the volume keys in order to navigate through the recovery menu. It's something to do, isn't it. This erases all the data and settings on the device (hopefully you synced it recently and backed up your data), but it can solve many problems.  we guarantee all parts and labor on our repairs for the lifetime of each device. Be bottle fed a little so that the amount of breast milk with lithium exposure.

I repaired a break in a very similar ribbon cable on my old(ish) bmw recently. The best form of grid level storage we currently have is molten salt which has a recovery efficiency on average of about %99. It says bud on the inside of the box,.  i went and found the old original one as i had kept everything back then because i had done so much parts swapping. All mechanical clocks can and should be oiled. It requires a positive and negative battery-cable change or cutting off the oe terminals and installing those hokey repair terminals. This is helpful to them as the replacement cost of these batteries run around. Even without starting the car, is the battery still sending out a charge.

Battery Cable Terminal Repair
I looked and my roommate had turned off the power strip when we all left for thanksgiving so i...

Battery Cable Terminal Repair
We’ve encountered the occasional keyboard lag on the iphone 5 when shooting off an email or imessage. Its...

Battery Cable Terminal Repair
The docking station does include a 65 watt charger, so i hoped that this would increase the charge rate and...